Welcome to The CESS Blog!

The Central Eurasian Studies Society executive board is proud to begin this online communication venue for scholarship about the region. We will have six monthly blog columns about Central Eurasian studies scholarship from our regular contributors, listed on the right side of this home page.

 Our first column blogs are Cory Behles’ “Digital Mahalla” and Sarah Dixon Klump’s “Warp and Weft: Art & Power in Central Eurasia“.  Four other columns will begin this month:  Aisalkyn Botoeva & David Levy’s, “Pray, pay and obey“; Bradley Jensen Murg’s “The Bear and the Dragon in Central Asia“; Michael Igoe’s “The Panarchy“; and James Pickett’s “Bactriana“.  Follow the tabs at the top (& left side-bar) to “Scholarly Resources”, an evolving list of “CESS Member Publications” and research-related “Announcements”. We invite guest blog proposals, field research reports, & photo essays.  Subscribe on email/RSS and follow us on Twitter (@CESS_news). Happy reading!

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