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“The Kyrgyz Will Never Stop Eating Meat”

Our* collaborative photo essay aims to depict the cultural and traditional legacy of Kyrgyz people, incorporating a life history method and a documentary photography technique. It portrays a Kyrgyz traditional family from Baktuu Dolonotuu village in the Issyk-Kul region. They are hereditary shepherds, cattle breeders and butchers, who wish to perpetuate their traditions and livelihoods and pass them through the generations.
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Central Asian Digital Repositories

Digital repositories are one of the most prominent elements of the open access movement in universities today. Collecting publications, resources, and content generated by an institution and making them available to the public creates an online archive and serves as a representation of the institution. Universities, research institutions, and libraries are most often responsible for managing these repositories (for background information, Lynch). However, single university institutional repositories that are often associated with Western universities are largely absent from the Central Asian region. Continue reading Central Asian Digital Repositories