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Rap, Resistance, and Iran’s 2013 Election

Classical music aficionados are fond of saying that in music, the silences have as much meaning as sound. And in the lead-up to Iran’s presidential election today, the relative silence of Persian rappers compared to their lyrical engagement in 2009 is deafening.[i]  Why has this year’s presidential election failed to excite Iran’s hip-hop community to its previous level of politically-articulate production?  Continue reading Rap, Resistance, and Iran’s 2013 Election

In Central Asia, The Internet Is a Superior Good

In a recent study, Chyi and Yang found Americans consider the internet an economically inferior good to newspaper content and television coverage. In other words, given increased income Americans will favor newspapers and television as a news source over the internet. The study suggested that while people have no greater emotional attachment to any particular medium, a combination of presentation and ease of access makes print media and television a more favorable way to consume daily information.
Continue reading In Central Asia, The Internet Is a Superior Good

Digital Mahalla

Welcome to the first edition of the “The Digital Mahalla” – a blog addressing themes and topics of digital scholarship in Central Asia. The explosion of research on Internet Communication Technology, trends in social media usage, web analytics, human-computer interaction, and other such topics has been embraced by all disciplines. Every day the web reveals new areas to explore, new websites to analyze, and enlightening perspectives generating new and exciting questions. Continue reading Digital Mahalla