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Check out new blogs on Central Asia: Exploring ‘Scapes’ of Sight and Sound

As Central Eurasian researchers and scholars, we sometimes find ourselves working in a field over-determined by tired and limited tropes, particularly when news about the region makes its way to the mainstream press.[1] As curator and online zine editor Ciarán Miqeladze wryly puts it, “Uzbekistan is no different in this matter. The Central Asian country is constantly treated to the same narrative of a post-Soviet, despot-controlled country, replete with bridenappings, magical men on horses, and Instagram-able mountain ranges housing radical Islamic terrorists.” However, at the avant garde culture site Post Pravda, where Ciaran and his colleagues are working to amplify local and alternative voices from the Caucasus to Eastern Europe and beyond, the goal is to provide different viewpoints and narratives.  Continue reading Check out new blogs on Central Asia: Exploring ‘Scapes’ of Sight and Sound

The CESS Blog has a new editor!

We would like to announce a turn-over in the editorship of the CESS Blog this year, and to send a big THANK YOU to Morgan Liu at The Ohio State University, for his work in the previous few years!

In the summer of 2017, the editorship of the CESS Blog shifted to Eva-Marie Dubuisson, who teaches at Bogazici University in Istanbul.

You may reach Eva-Marie at with your comments and suggestions.    Please stay tuned for news and updates.