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Amanda E. Wooden is Associate Professor of Environmental Politics & Policy in the Environmental Studies Program at Bucknell University. She is currently President of the Central Eurasian Studies Society and a member of the executive board.

The 2013 CESS Conference – Live!

Last night, the 14th Annual Central Eurasian Studies Society conference began.  It runs from Oct. 3 – 6 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and is hosted by the Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia (CREECA).  Click here for the conference program.  The conference is housed in the Pyle Center right on Lake Mendota.
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Coburn, Congress & Austerity: Defunding Area Studies Research

US federal defunding of academic research programs is a topic of keen interest to Central Eurasian studies scholars.  Laura Adams at Harvard recently published an insightful piece entitled, “The Crisis of US Funding for Area Studies,” in ASEEES’ (The Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies) NewsNets.  Focusing on Title VI and Title VIII funding, she “lays out what the big picture is for U.S. government funding of area studies, and what we might be able to do to mitigate the negative effects of present and future budget cuts.”
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