Editorial Transition & Call for Blog Posts

In fall 2014, we gradually transitioned The CESS Blog from my editorship to a new editor, Morgan Liu.  I wish him the best of luck in continuing this public face of our organization.

It has been my pleasure to work with a group of dedicated Central Eurasian studies scholars over the last two years to promote research in our field. Most of our contributors are graduate students or recent PhDs, so CESS’s increased visibility is due to their voluntary, energetic work.  Thank you, bloggers!

We’d also like to encourage more senior Central Eurasian studies colleagues to contribute to The CESS Blog in the future.  So whether young or ‘senior’, if you are a scholar of the region, please contact Morgan (liu.737@osu.edu) with your ideas for a blog piece. Consider the possibilities:

    • summarize your own research
    • review someone else’s research or teaching
    • provide thoughtful evaluation of real-time events
    • identify new trends in the region, or in the scholarship
    • post a research trip photo essay
    • re-post a relevant blog entry from a partner or related site
    • report about a recent conference or panel
    • write an evaluation of research funding, the job market, publishing, or other professional issues