CESS award-winner Roberto Carmack’s “’True Sons and Daughters of the Kazakh People’: Frontline Propaganda Among Kazakh Soldiers, 1941-1945”

CESS Grad Student Award 2013At the last CESS Conference in Madison, Wisconsin (October 2013), Roberto Carmack was awarded the 2013 CESS Graduate Student Paper Award.  Roberto is a PhD candidate in the history department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He is currently completing his dissertation, entitled “The Mobilized and the Repressed: The Peoples of Kazakhstan at War, 1941-1945”.  

This project analyzes how Soviet authorities integrated Kazakhstanis into the army and labor force through conscription, propaganda, and repression.  It argues that mobilization catalyzed the creation of multiple Soviet identities among Kazakhstanis.  Two of Carmack’s articles have been published: “History and Hero Making: Patriotic Narratives and the Sovietization of Kazakh Frontline Propaganda, 1941-1945” (Central Asian Survey, vol. 33 (1)) and “‘And They Fought For Their Socialist Motherland’: The Creation of the Multiethnic Red Army, 1941-1945” (Otan tarikhy 4 (64)).  Carmack’s research has been supported by a Fulbright IIE Fellowship and the history department of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. You can contact him at roberto@carmack.us.

Roberto has agreed to share his PowerPoint presentation from the conference with CESS Blog readers.   Enjoy!